BBFF – Talkin’ Baseball and “Lord Charles”

BBFF … Yes, baseball will be your friend forever, but in this case the FF is “fun facts.”  This one is about talkin’ baseball.

Here are a few baseball terms for the curve ball.  Toss ’em into your conversation at the old ballyard.

Yakker, Hook, Bender, The Old 12 to 6.  These are the basics, you can’t go wrong with these.

Deuce.  Named for the two fingers catchers have long used to signal the curve.  Takes your baseball personna up just a notch.

Uncle Charlie – a good curve; Lord Charles – a great curve.   Brings a little extra snap to your comment.

BBRT would add two more:  The “Bertie,” the “Holland Hook,” or the “Prince Aalbert” – acknowledging the “Lord Charles” that took Bert Blyleven to the Hall of Fame.



  1. Maybe a curveball that drops right at the feet of a batter could be called the “Hot Foot”…in honor of one of Berts favorite pranks!

  2. Oh and I almost forgot…Happy Birthday Bert!

  3. David (BBRT) says:


    I like the “Hot Foot” reference … and maybe a knee-buckler could be called a “Birthday Bender.” Hope you can make Ballpark Tours trip this year.

    • Yep…I will be on the bus. So will my buddy Al and last years run away Larry award winner Cliff. Looking forward to Pittsburgh and Louisville…2 more ballparks to add to my list. Going to be a “hoopla” filled trip no doubt!

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